MasterTrak Courses

The MasterTrak Program is presently on hiatus; be looking to our neighboring states to pursue this acheivement. MasterTrak courses are usually scheduled in a series over a three day period. The courses start on a Thursday morning and finish on Saturday afternoon. These courses are designed for members working on their Mastership. To receive a Mastership, one must complete 600 hours of C.E. Of those hours, 400 must be participation in the 16 required disciplines. All courses are lecture with a participation part. The participation is usually completed in your own office after the course. All members, nonmembers and staff are welcome. Any questions about the program, please contact Dr. Tony L Guilbeau


Supper and Seminar Courses

More coming soon… Supper and Seminar courses are dinner courses with a three hour lecture. These courses are given in various locations around the state. The courses usually begin around 6pm and finish by 9pm. All members, non members and staff are welcome. For details on Supper & Seminar or other courses, call the Louisiana Academy of General Dentistry at 1.800.277.8356 or email


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