Team Approach from Tooth Preservation to Tooth Replacement

Date: March 1, 2024
New Orleans, LA

AGD Member Dentist: $345
Non member Dentists: $375
2022-2023 Graduates: $175
Hygienists: $125
Staff: $75

Jennifer Doobrow, DMD

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This dynamic and energizing presentation emphasizes the interdisciplinary team approach to ultimate patient care. Developing effective strategies for patient communication that both enhance case presentation and case acceptance is the key to differentiating your practice in our challenging economic environment. Emphasis will be placed on elevating the entire dental team as a key partner in care from tooth preservation to tooth replacement. A highlight of this program will be discussing numerous advancements in treatment modalities for periodontal, regenerative, and implant therapies that all have a significant impact on Comprehensive Care Dentistry. Building a solid foundation is essential to your patients’ long-term success!

Learning Objectives

-Understand the impact that interdisciplinary care plays in a positive patient experience
-Identify periodontal health goals that will greatly impact effective case presentation and treatment acceptance
-Highlight the benefits of growth factors in hard and soft tissue
-Define numerous advancements in technology and treatment modalities that can enhance your restorative outcomes
-Develop an action plan and decision tree to promote comprehensive patient care!

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